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When No-Fault Coverage is Applicable

Image of a badly damaged sedan after a car accident.

There are many factors that go into a claim after an accident. How do you know when no-fault coverage is applicable?Minnesota law requires that all owners of a motor vehicle carry basic minimum insurance, including No-Fault coverage—also known as personal injury protection, or PIP. There are many situations outside of your ordinary car accident where no-fault coverage would still apply: injuries that occur during fueling or maintaining the vehicle, slipping and falling when entering or exiting your car, loading or unloading, and additional instances related to the use of your motor vehicle.

Under Minnesota law, the basic minimum no-fault coverage includes:

  • $20,000 for all medical expenses
  • $20,000 for income loss and for hiring replacement services
  • $20,000 for survivor’s benefits coverage, including $5,000 for funeral coverage in the circumstance of death

Even if you were considered “at-fault” for the accident, you are still entitled to these benefits. In most cases, you collect these benefits directly from your own insurance company, even if you are not in your vehicle at the time the injury occurred. When commercial vehicles are involved, you may have to collect from the policy of the owner of the commercial vehicle.

If you have been injured due to the maintenance or use of a motor vehicle, you should take the following minimum steps, if applicable:

  1. Report any collision as soon as possible to your local law enforcement;
  2. Report the accident or incident as soon as possible to your insurance company;
  3. Take photographs of property damage, injuries, the scene of the accident, and any additional photos you feel may be relevant to your case;
  4. Consult an experienced lawyer to discuss your claim and help you proceed in the best way possible;
  5. Refuse giving any statements until you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.


This is just a brief overview of when no-fault coverage is applicable. If you are unsure about your no-fault rights and benefits, don’t hesitate to contact the attorneys at Nelson Personal Injury for a free consultation.

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