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“For more than 40 years, our attorneys have been fighting for the rights of our clients. We have taken on the large insurance companies and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for accident victims.”

Image of a victim who has been injured by a defective product with Nelson Personal Injury, LLC logo Nelson Personal Injury, LLC is a renowned law firm handling personal injury cases throughout Minnesota, including the Sartell area. With years of experience and a full understanding of Minnesota personal injury law, our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to providing exceptional legal representation and support to clients in Sartell and the surrounding areas.

When facing the aftermath of an accident or injury, having skilled and knowledgeable injury lawyers by your side can make all the difference. Sartell residents need experienced professionals who can navigate the complexities of personal injury law and fight for their rights. At Nelson Personal Injury, we recognize the significance of our role in securing fair compensation and justice for our clients in Sartell.

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, slip and fall incident, or any other personal injury case, we are here to guide you through the legal process and ensure your rights are protected.

If you are in this situation and need legal representation, our personal injury lawyers are here to help.

Understanding Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law aims to protect individuals who have been physically, emotionally, or mentally harmed due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. It is a branch of civil law that enables injured parties to seek compensation for their losses and damages from the party responsible for causing the accident or injury.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

We represent victims of all types of personal injury accidents. Some of the most common types of accidents we represent are found here:

  • Car Accidents: One of the most prevalent types of personal injury cases involves accidents on the road caused by negligent driving, speeding, or drunk driving.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: These cases occur when a driver or passenger of a motorcycle is injured due to the negligence of another driver on the road.
  • Truck Accidents: These cases occur when a driver or passenger of a motor vehicle is injured as result of the negligence or carelessness of a truck driver or other commercial vehicle driver.
  • Dog Bites: These cases occur when a person is attacked or injured by a dog. The person attacked or injured as the right to seek damages from the owner of the dog that caused the injuries.
  • Slip and Falls: These cases occur when individuals suffer injuries due to hazardous conditions on someone else’s property, such as wet floors, uneven surfaces, or lack of proper signage.
  • Medical Malpractice: Medical negligence resulting in harm or injury to patients, such as surgical errors, misdiagnosis, medication mistakes, or birth injuries, falls under this category.

Legal Principles in Personal Injury Cases in Minnesota


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In personal injury cases, several legal principles come into play to determine liability and compensation:

  • Negligence: To establish a personal injury claim, the injured party must demonstrate that the defendant owed a duty of care, breached that duty, and caused harm due to their negligence.
  • Comparative Fault: Minnesota follows a modified comparative fault system, allowing for compensation even if the injured party is partially at fault. However, their recovery may be reduced based on their percentage of fault.
  • Damages: If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your damages. Common damages include medical expenses, wage loss, and pain, suffering, and emotional distress.
  • No-Fault Insurance: Minnesota operates under a no-fault insurance system for car accidents, requiring claims to be initially filed with the injured party’s own car insurance company, regardless of fault. No-fault insurance will typically pay for a certain amount in medical expenses and mileage, and wage loss and replacement services. If an injured party meets one of Minnesota’s so-called thresholds, they may have the right to bring a personal injury claim against any party or parties at fault for causing the accident.

The Statute of Limitations in Sartell Personal Injury Claims

It is crucial to be aware of the statute of limitations when filing a personal injury claim in Sartell. In Minnesota, generally, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases based on negligence is six years from the date of the injury.  Other types of claims may have shorter statutes of limitations.  It is, therefore, important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible after an accident so that your rights are protected.

Failing to file a claim within this time frame may result in losing your right to seek compensation. Consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer at Nelson Personal Injury, LLC promptly is essential to ensure your claim is filed within the prescribed timeframe and protects your legal rights.

The Role of Nelson Personal Injury, LLC

Nelson Personal Injury, LLC has established a strong reputation as a leading personal injury law firm in Sartell, Minnesota. With a team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys, we have successfully represented numerous clients in a wide range of personal injury cases. Our firm’s background includes years of dedicated practice, extensive legal knowledge, and a track record of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.

Commitment to Serving Clients in Sartell and Surrounding Areas

At Nelson Personal Injury, LLC, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and support to clients in Sartell and the surrounding areas. We understand the challenges and hardships that individuals and families face after sustaining injuries due to the negligence of others.

Our commitment extends beyond just legal ; we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients by offering compassionate guidance, personalized attention, and unwavering support throughout the legal process.

With a wealth of experience in personal injury law, Nelson Personal Injury, LLC has successfully handled numerous complex cases. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in personal injury claims, from conducting thorough investigations and gathering evidence to skillfully negotiating with insurance companies. Our firm’s impressive success rate and history of securing substantial settlements and verdicts demonstrate our ability to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients.

Personalized Approach and Dedication to Client Communication

One of the hallmarks of Nelson Personal Injury, LLC is our personalized approach to every client’s case. We recognize that each situation is unique, and we take the time to listen attentively, understand the specific circumstances, and develop tailored strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Throughout the legal process, we prioritize open and transparent communication, ensuring that our clients are informed about the progress of their cases, providing regular updates, and promptly addressing any questions or concerns that may arise.  We want to make sure our clients understand not only what we are doing, but why we are doing it.

By choosing Nelson Personal Injury, LLC, clients in Sartell can have confidence in our firm’s exceptional legal , unwavering dedication, and client-centered approach. We are committed to fighting tirelessly to protect their rights, seek justice, and secure the fair compensation they deserve.

Comprehensive Personal Injury Services by Nelson Personal Injury, LLC

Nelson Personal Injury, LLC offers a comprehensive range of services to assist individuals in Sartell who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to providing strong legal representation and support throughout the entire personal injury claims process.

Assisting with Evidence Gathering, Witness Interviews, and Insurance Negotiations

We understand the importance of building a strong case based on solid evidence. Our experienced attorneys work diligently to gather essential evidence, interview witnesses, and conduct thorough investigations to establish liability and strengthen our client’s claims. Additionally, we handle all interactions with insurance companies, skillfully negotiating on behalf of our clients to ensure they receive fair and just compensation for their injuries and losses.

Calculating Fair Compensation

Determining the value of a personal injury claim requires a comprehensive understanding of various factors. Nelson Personal Injury, LLC has extensive experience evaluating and calculating fair compensation for our clients. We consider medical expenses, including current and future treatment costs, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages. We aim to ensure our clients receive the maximum compensation to aid their recovery and provide financial security for the future.

Handling Complex Litigation

Sometimes, personal injury claims may involve complex legal challenges or disputes that cannot be resolved through negotiation alone. Nelson Personal Injury, LLC is well-equipped to handle such situations. Our attorneys have the skills, knowledge, and courtroom experience to navigate complex litigation processes and effectively represent our clients in court. We are prepared to zealously advocate for our client’s rights, presenting compelling arguments and supporting evidence to achieve the best possible outcome.

By choosing Nelson Personal Injury, LLC, clients in Sartell can trust that their personal injury cases will be handled with the utmost care. Our firm’s comprehensive services cover all aspects of the claims process, from evidence gathering to negotiation and, if necessary, courtroom representation. We are dedicated to fighting for our client’s rights and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses.

Why Choose Nelson Personal Injury, LLC

Nelson Personal Injury, LLC stands out among other firms in the Sartell area due to its ties to the local community and its unique qualities and strengths. Our firm has been located in the Central Minnesota area for over 30 years, and is known for its exceptional legal representation and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

With experience, knowledge, and dedication, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Personalized Approach, Attention to Detail, and Compassionate Client Care

At Nelson Personal Injury, LLC, we prioritize a personalized approach to each client’s case. We understand that no two situations are the same, so we invest time and effort into understanding the specific circumstances surrounding our client’s injuries.

Our attention to detail ensures that no aspect of the case is overlooked. Throughout the legal process, we provide compassionate client care, offering support, guidance, and open communication to alleviate the stress and uncertainty our clients may experience.

Proven Track Record of Obtaining Favorable Settlements and Verdicts

Nelson Personal Injury, LLC has a remarkable track record of achieving favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients. We leverage our extensive knowledge of personal injury law, negotiation skills, and courtroom experience to advocate vigorously for our client’s rights. Our firm’s success is a testament to our ability to effectively navigate the complexities of personal injury cases and secure the maximum compensation our clients deserve.

Commitment to Fighting for Justice and Injury Victims’ Rights

At Nelson Personal Injury, LLC, we are committed to fighting for justice and the rights of injury victims. We firmly believe that those who have suffered harm due to the negligence or wrongful actions of others deserve fair and just compensation.

Our team works tirelessly to hold responsible parties accountable and ensure our clients receive the support they need to rebuild their lives. A genuine passion for seeking justice drives us, and this commitment underlies every aspect of our practice.

Choosing Nelson Personal Injury, LLC means partnering with a firm that possesses unique qualities, offers personalized attention, has a proven track record, and is dedicated to fighting for justice. We are here to provide exceptional legal representation and support to injury victims in Sartell, helping them navigate the complexities of their personal injury claims with confidence and compassion.

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