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Why Do Attorney Referrals Occur?

There may be many reasons an attorney may want to refer a case to us. The most common reason is that they don’t practice personal injury law, but find that a friend, loved one, or an existing or potential client has suffered an injury through the fault of another and are seeking to refer them to an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury law firm. Also, an attorney may have a conflict handling a personal injury claim, but doesn’t want to lose the potential fees from the case. For example, a potential conflict may arise from representing both a driver and the passenger in the same vehicle when there may be some fault allocated to the driver. Whatever the situation, lawyers should consider referring the injured person to Nelson Personal Injury.

The process for the referring attorney is simple and straight forward. Lawyers refer personal injury cases to Nelson Personal Injury in exchange for sharing a percentage of our attorney’s fees earned on the case. Depending on the type of case, typical referral fees range from 20-33% of the fees earned on the case. We do this on all types of personal injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, general negligence, and more.

Minnesota Authorizes Fee Sharing Between Lawyers

Rule 1.5(e) of the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct authorizes lawyers to share a fee as long as three requirements are met:

  1. The division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation;
  2. The client agrees to the arrangement, including the share each lawyer will receive, and the agreement is confirmed in writing; and
  3. The total fee is reasonable.

We comply with all these rules when entering into fee sharing agreements, and we pay referral fees at an agreed upon rate depending on the case.

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Associations With Other Lawyers And Law Firms

Nelson Personal Injury also “associates” with other lawyers and law firms on cases in Minnesota. If you are an out of state lawyer who is representing a client for a Minnesota accident, you may find yourself in the position of needing to start a lawsuit, but you are not licensed in Minnesota. In this situation, if appropriate, we will enter into an association agreement with you or your firm that allocates fees, costs, and work responsibility between our firm and yours.

Example Referral Results

Here are a few examples of the referral fees our firm has paid out to other lawyers in the past:

  • $87,000 referral fee paid on a home construction accident injury claim
  • $53,000+ referral fee paid on a general negligence injury claim
  • $41,000+ referral fee paid on a defective products injury claim
  • $38,000+ referral fee paid on a farm accident injury claim
  • $32,000+ referral fee paid on a pedestrian vs. car accident injury claim
  • $27,000+ referral fee paid on a dog bite injury claim
  • $23,000+ referral fee paid on a dog bite injury claim
  • $22,000+ referral fee paid on a car accident claim
  • $22,000+ referral fee paid on a motorcycle accident injury claim
  • $21,000+ referral fee paid on a car accident injury claim
  • $19,000+ referral fee paid on a construction site injury claim

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