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2018 Accidents And Injuries In Minnesota

An infographic of car accident statistics in Minnesota for 2018, provided by Nelson Personal Injury. 4% of drivers got in a motor accident in 2018 presented by Nelson Personal Injury, LLC.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States. That is why it’s critical to practice safe driving habits and for states to enforce laws that keep drivers safe. In Minnesota, we are lucky to live in a place where safety is a primary concern. With progressive laws on phones, seatbelts, and BAC levels, Minnesota is relatively safe. Nelson Personal Injury looks at some of the statistics from 2018, what they mean for you, and what to do if you do experience a car accident. 

Safer Roads

With stricter rules on drivers and road regulations by Minnesota, there was a 5% decrease in crashes from 2017 to 2018. This is fantastic news, but there is still a long way to go. According to statistics, 2 out of every 100 drivers will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but when looking at the entire population that is a significant number of accidents. Additionally, in those crashes, 27% of people suffered an injury. Thanks to Minnesota working hard to implement policies against dangerous driving habits, this number continues to trend downward. Regardless, it’s still important to know what to do if you do experience a car accident. 

Car Accident Personal Injury Claims

If you are in a car accident, knowing what to do can help you maximize any personal injury claim that you file. The most important thing after being in a car accident is making sure that any injured parties that need immediate medical assistance are treated. If there is no immediate medical need, pull off to a safe location, and record the other driver’s information. Document the damage, location, and any non-pressing injuries you have with photos and file a report with the police. If any lasting injury occurred, document medical bills, loss of wages, and any other change to your lifestyle due to the accident. Minnesota is a no-fault insurance state, but personal injury claims can cover different costs that exist outside of that umbrella. Finally, make sure you have proper representation so that you can get the compensation that you deserve. 

Work With Nelson Personal Injury

Nelson Personal Injury has been helping drivers in the St. Cloud and Central Minnesota area with car accident personal injury claims for over 30 years. Our professional personal injury attorneys know the ins and outs of no-fault claims and will help you get the financial support you need to move forward from your claim. Find out more about Nelson Personal Injury, and get a free case assessment on our website

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