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Accidents By Vehicle 2018

A graphic from Nelson Personal Injury, LLC about the statistics of motor vehicle accidents in Minnesota in 2018: the majority of accidents involve passenger vehicles in 2018.

In 2018, Minnesota recorded 381 traffic fatalities, a 6% increase from 2017, according to a report by the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety. While traffic fatalities have been trending downward for the last decade, there is still an enormous impact on Minnesotans and their livelihoods by crashes each year. Nelson Personal Injury takes a look at some of the traffic statistics, and how you can prepare and recover if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Minnesota. 

Accidents By The Numbers

In 2018, there were 79,215 crashes in the state of Minnesota. Of the 149,107 vehicles and 172,908 people involved in these crashes, 27,877 were injured. The total cost of these accidents to the Minnesota economy was over $1.8 billion. While insurance can offset some of the costs, living in a no-fault state can leave victims of these crashes with repair bills, lost work hours, and medical expenses. Being a defensive driver can help prevent these accidents, but sometimes it’s just bad luck. Think it won’t happen to you? Every day, there are 217 crashes on Minnesota roads, and the average daily cost to the state from vehicle accidents is just under $5 million dollars. 

A large majority of these crashes occur with the vehicles we operate every day. All it takes is one second of fiddling with knobs or looking at a phone for an accident to happen. Are you prepared to get proper compensation if the worst does occur? Trust Nelson Personal Injury and our expert personal injury and car accident attorneys to help you navigate the road to recovery. 

Work With The Professionals

If a car accident does occur, it’s important to have a plan. Expenses related to fixing your vehicle, medical bills and any time at work missed can all fall on you to cover depending on your insurance. If you are recovering from a traumatic experience, the last thing that anyone needs to be worried about is a lawsuit. At Nelson Personal Injury, we have worked with victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents for years, and have the experience to fast track your personal injury lawsuit and get you the money you need. Don’t struggle through alone, work with a personal injury lawyer from Nelson Personal Injury. 

If you or anyone you know has recently experienced bills or lost wages/hours related to a vehicle accident, we may be able to help. Contact Nelson Personal Injury at (320) 252-1200 or on our website for a free consultation.

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