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Avoid Black Friday Injuries

Avoid Black Friday Injuries MN

Black Friday has taken the phrase “shop til you drop” to a new level. Every year there are countless injuries that occur from the over zealous shoppers desperate to get a good deal. Here are a few tips on how to avoid black friday injuries.

Parking Lot Injuries

After eating turkey with the family many shoppers are rushing to the retail stores to get those doorbusters deals. Along with those deals drivers are likely more aggressive and even sleep deprived.

Shoppers also need to be weary as the parking lot is also often the place where physical fights may happen. In 2016, there were 4 people that were injured in a retail parking lot. One of the cases was a woman who was being beaten at a Walmart parking lot.

Most common Black Friday injuries that can happen in a parking lot are internal bleeding, fractures, spine and hip injuries, and head traumas.

The first thing that paramedics do is assess people for head and spinal injuries to help prevent long term brain damage or paralysis.


The second most common Black Friday injuries come from stampedes. This comes from people lining up at the door, waiting to run as soon as they open. The fear of missing out tends to get the best of people and hey push and shove anyone who gets in the way.

1,000 pounds of pressure is more than enough to crush internal organs. That is that amount that can exerted by six to seven people.

The best way to avoid this is to stay on your feet and try to move as quickly as the stampede is happening. In the case that you do fall, immediately curling up and/or turning to your side can protect your back and protect you from receiving too much pressure in one place. You really want to remember that protecting your back or spine is the most important in this case.

Shopping Cart Injuries

So you’ve just got done getting past the stampede but what follows are Black Friday shoppers with shopping carts.

Sometimes another shopper isn’t paying attention and might strike you while trying to get to a deal off a shelf. Other times while being washed away by a sea of people a  cart may fall over and cause people to fall or trip.

A way to avoid this is to stay aware of you surroundings. Make sure if you see a shopper with a cart coming towards you to let them know you are in their path. This is especially a common Black Friday injury that happens to small children. 

Falling Boxes

In order to prepare for the Black Friday rush many retail stores stack their boxes to the ceiling. This is a huge injury risk especially with the rush of people grabbing the product that they want. Proper lifting mechanics go out the window. When it comes to TV deals many shopper will grab the heavy boxes and carry it over their heads which puts themselves and others at risk.

To avoid this be sure there is someone with you to help carry a box if it is heavy and to have a person with a cart near by.


The last and most common Black Friday injuries come from physical fights in stores or in the parking lots.

The excitement and competitive spirit that comes with Black Friday shopping can quickly turn in to aggression when a shopper feel like their chances of getting the deal are being taken away. A fight can quickly break out when the last of the 50″ inch TV is taken.

To avoid this be sure to always have someone with you and to be aware of your surroundings. Consider shopping in a group. There is always strength in numbers.


These are just a few ways to avoid Black Friday injuries. Be aware of your surroundings, keep an even temper, and most importantly, use common sense. When in doubt, Cyber Monday is an equally good option and you don’t have to brave the crowds.

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