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Car Crash in Construction Zones

Car Crash in Construction Zones

As the common expression goes, Minnesota has two seasons: winter and construction season. While construction helps repair potholes, creates more highway space, and offers drivers smoother and more high-quality road conditions, this season can be dangerous if not navigated appropriately. 

Construction zones often imply traffic cones and signs, congested roads, detours, and dangerous machinery. As a result, these areas see more automobile accidents than the typical highway or backroad. In the event of a car crash in a construction zone, who is to blame?

There may be a myriad of contributing factors to an accident in a construction zone. A common cause of car crashes in these areas is the failure to be vigilant. If construction seems to appear out of nowhere and traffic slows abruptly, a driver may accidentally rear-end the vehicle in front of them. This also applies to people who text and drive; failure to pay attention to one’s surroundings can result in all sorts of accidents and injuries. If you do notice a construction zone in the distance, be prepared to slow down and adjust to more congested traffic. 

In the instances mentioned above, the driver would be the obvious culprit. Driving irresponsibly — texting and driving or failing to acknowledge road signs — entails that the vehicle operator would be accountable for any damages in an accident. In some cases, however, if a construction company does not post proper signs and cones to warn drivers, the fault may fall on the shoulders of the firm. In a situation such as this one, there are usually many accidents in the same area. Additionally, the government may be responsible for paying for any damages if the construction company was assigned to repair roads by the local government. 

Aside from accidents involved with vehicles in construction zones, another typical way people get injured is at the construction site itself. Not only is construction work physically-demanding, but the sites are very dangerous places to work every day. If you are a construction worker and you were injured on a construction site, you may be entitled to compensation, as well as be able to claim more compensation through a third-party. The benefits of third-party claims are far-reaching; this type of compensation accounts for pain and suffering, which may be extremely helpful in your case. 

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