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Do I Have A Slip And Fall Case?

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Everyone has fallen down at some point. Rarely does it result in lasting injury or permanent harm, and is usually not a big deal. But, if a serious injury does occur, and you find yourself needed medical treatment and are unable to perform some tasks, then it might be time to ask yourself about the conditions of the slip and fall. Nelson Personal Injury looks at conditions that can be grounds for a slip and fall and how to move forward starting a case, below. 

Slip And Fall Conditions

The first step is to think about where the slip and fall happened. If you fell outside of your garage, you can’t bring a case against yourself. But, if it happened on someone else’s property, then it warrants further inspecting. In Minnesota’s, the property owner must have caused the unsafe conditions or neglected the conditions until they became dangerous. Some examples are wet floors, snow and ice buildup, a badly damaged walkway or road, or debris. Property managers should make sure all conditions are as safe as possible. But, under Minnesota law, they only need to make conditions reasonably safe. So, after a snowstorm a completely clean sidewalk is unrealistic. On the other hand, a well-cleared one that a person could navigate safely is expected. 

Starting A Slip And Fall Case

Slip and fall cases can be more involved than other personal injury claims. This is because of conditional negligence. This means that when a case is being litigated, the defending party can try to prove that you were distracted when the fall happened. This could be you being on a phone, or something similar. This is why it’s important when building a slip and fall case to have thorough documentation about the event, the topographical location that caused the slip and fall, and anything else that could help. Professional personal injury attorneys can help you build a strong case so you can recover the damages you need to continue your journey towards recovery. 

Work With Nelson Personal Injury

In a state where a majority of the ground turns into ice 50% of the year, it’s good to know how to recognize and begin a slip and fall case. Nelson Personal Injury has been helping St. Cloud and Central Minnesota residents determine the worth of their slip and fall cases and help them follow through with them for 30 years. Contact Nelson Personal Injury for a free consultation

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