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Tips to Help Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Tips to Help Prevent Motorcycle Accidents: image of a motorcyclist speeding on a mountain road.

Motorcycle riders are at a greater risk than drivers of vehicles because they have far less protection than those behind the wheel of a car or truck. Minnesota motorcycle accident attorneys know that drivers and riders of motorcycles have the same right to use the highway as the drivers of other automobiles. It is important for biker accident victims to contact a personal injury attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable of motorcycle accidents and their unique case situations. There are certain factors that that increase the likelihood of a motorcycle collision injury. We want you and your loved ones to stay safe on the road. Read up on how you can help avoid or lessen the chances of dangerous motorcycle accidents.

  1. Wear Proper Gear and Be Seen

First thing to do before hopping on your bike is to make sure you’re wearing long pants and sleeves made of thick or leather material to help protect your skin. Unfortunately, lot of bikers choose not to wear helmets which is a key factor in fatal crashes. Wear a full-face Department of Transportation approved helmet while riding a motorcycle. Gloves, eye protection and durable shoes or boots are also crucial and can help prevent further injury if you are involved in a accident. No one ever plans or thinks they’re going to get in an accident, so it is always important to be prepared.

      2. Be Alert at All Times, Especially Intersections

Do all you can in order for other drivers to see you. Most accidents occur because the driver claims they never saw the biker. Drivers behind the wheel don’t want to hit you, so do all you can to make it easier for them. Wearing something bright or adding reflective elements to you or your bike wouldn’t hurt either. Use your headlight during every ride and in the section of the lane to help make you the most visible on the road.

      3. Never Drink or Speed

Don’t ever drive a motorcycle or any vehicle when you are alcohol impaired. The risk of causing a motorcycle accident skyrockets if you drink and ride. Stay sober and follow the given speed limit to ensure a more focused and safe ride.

      4. Avoid Bad Weather Conditions

Make sure you read up on safe ways to ride in rain, wind or other dangerous weather. Always check forecasts, especially longer trips. Pack and be prepared for colder weather to stay dry. If the forecast doesn’t look safe and promising, plan to sit it out.

      5. Careful on the Freeway

Splitting lanes on the freeway is safer than trusting the guy behind to not rear-end you. It’s important to not go any faster than the traffic flow and be extremely careful when switching lanes.  If there’s an open space next to a moving vehicle, always be cautious because you can misjudge the speeds of the other traffic.

      6. Freshen up with Safety Course

Whether you are a new or experienced motorcyclist it never hurts to stay up-to-date with the motorcycle safety courses and laws. Remember, most motorcycle accidents are not usually the motorcyclists fault, so make sure you are alert with other drivers and road safety.

Have confidence when choosing a motorcycle accident attorney by contacting Nelson Personal Injury today! If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys are here to help. For any questions about your rights and the claim process, call 320-252-1200 to see how we can help you.

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