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Truck Accident Personal Injury Claim Services

Truck Accident Personal Injury Claim Services

On the highway or off, sharing the road with large “big rig” trucks that are 3 or even 4 times the size of your vehicle can be frightening and downright dangerous. With the large size difference, injuries, and damages from these accidents can be catastrophic. That is why there are more regulations that truck drivers need to follow when driving, and strict maintenance schedules to make sure their machines are safe for public roadways. Nelson Personal Injury looks at what a truck accident personal injury claim looks like, and how you can get compensation if you or a loved one has lived through one.

What Is A Truck Accident Personal Injury Claim?

Accidents with large trucks happen for many reasons. Most of these accidents are because of other stimuli, not because the driver themselves was negligent. But, it is still important to make sure that you or your loved ones are getting full compensation for the injuries, personal damage, and lost wages that could occur from these accidents.

Some things to consider when evaluating if you have a personal injury claim when it comes to a truck accident are:

  • Was the driver trained and licensed?
  • Was the truck up to date on maintenance?
  • What were the weight, height, and width restrictions of that section of the road?
  • Were they being followed?
  • Cargo and safety restrictions for the truck
  • Roadside safety precautions and requirements
  • Rear under-ride prevention
  • Standards of care by the trucking industry

All of these are important to consider when looking at a truck accident, and how much you will be owed by the company that handles the truck’s insurance.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer To Start Your Claim

Because truck accidents tend to leave more damage behind, the claims tend to be larger, and more often involve parties representing loved ones who are deceased or critically injured. Personal Injury claims are handled by the company or trucker’s insurance company, and while the aforementioned parties may be cooperating, insurance companies often do not. Make sure that you have experienced personal injury attorneys on your side to help you navigate a truck accident personal injury claim. With proper documentation and representation, you can make sure that your or your loved ones get the financial support they need to move beyond the accident.

Work With Nelson Personal Injury For Truck Accident Claims

The personal injury lawyers at Nelson Personal Injury have been working with truck accident clients in the St. Cloud and Central Minnesota area for over 30 years. We know that personal injury claims can be difficult, and that’s why we work hard to make sure you feel heard, and that you get the compensation to help you on the road to recovery. Find out more about our qualified personal injury lawyers, and how we can help you with your claim, on our website

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