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What Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

What Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Getting injured from a slip and fall accident is unexpected, but should not be taken lightly. When it happens you may be afraid and confused, but here are some helpful steps to take for that situation!

1. Medical Attention

Medical attention is crucial for your safety and is also the first thing you should seek out when building your case. When you get injured in a slip and fall you will want to document your injuries. See a doctor or physician immediately after the accident and create a record of your injuries.

2. Check the Scene

The preferred time to try and figure out the cause of your slip and fall is right after it happens. If you can find out the cause of your fall, you can work in reverse to determine if the employees and store owners might have done otherwise to prevent you from getting injured and falling.

3. Take Pictures

The Jury is fully capable of listening to the witnesses side of the story, but it is much more persuasive if the Jury has photos. Your smartphone is a powerful tool, take pictures of the area around you, the floor, and even the space that surrounds the scene. The more the better! Your attorney can help determine which photos are the most important. Photos are a means to showing your side of the story.

4. Identify Witnesses and Make a Formal Report

The witnesses are very important in confirming the events that took place. If your accident happens at a business, the customers may be your greatest allies. It’s crucial to get their contact information so that you are able to reach them to testify on your behalf. After an accident a business may want you to make an accident report for their records. Make the statement, but don’t exaggerate, make sure to put in your information.

Creating an official report is important for evaluating your claim. By having the complaint on file you are able to prevent the other side from declaring that you didn’t take the accident seriously.

5. Make Note of It

If you aren’t sure, write it down. Write down everything that happened in detail. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember the situation in full detail, so take notes as soon as you can. What might be something you remember today can be difficult tomorrow. Make note of your symptoms and injuries. Your attorney is able to assist you in putting your claim together.

6. Get an Attorney

The other party’s main priority is to pay you as little as possible. When you speak with the other side or their insurance, they may try to use your words and twist them around or claim that you said something you didn’t mean to say. By working with an experienced attorney, they can assist with negotiations with the other party. Your attorney has multiple years of experience in handling slip up and fall cases.

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