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What to Do if you Witness a Car Accident

What to Do if you Witness a Car Accident

If you witness a damaging car wreck, you should stopover and identify yourself as a witness. It can be a bother, but it is very important to do so. You’ll be required to give your information and statement, but there are more steps than that! Here’s what you do if you witness a car accident.

Don’t put Yourself in Harms Way

If you see an accident, pullover but be very cautious and careful not to cause another accident when doing so. Make sure you don’t put yourself in a dangerous position. Be far enough from the accident and allow plenty of room for emergency vehicles. Have your hazard lights on during the process and exit your car when it’s safe. If the cars involved in the accident are smoking be sure to keep your distance!

Help out Safely

If it is safe to get closer to the scene proceed to see if you are able to help. Any assistance is much appreciated whether it may be offering your phone so the victim can contact their support or using your vehicle to block off the accident area. However if you see someone injured do not move them, as it could worsen their injuries. Make sure to wait for the proper authorities to arrive to provide proper first aid.

Call for Help

During an emergency, it is best to contact 911 as soon as possible. Be ready to tell them your location and describe the scene. Make sure your car is in park before you use your phone.

Stay Until the Police Arrive

You can assist the authorities and everyone involved by giving your statement and explaining what you witnessed. If someone is scared or hurt you can act as a source of comfort until their party arrives.

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