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Winter Essentials For Your Car

image of a car parked in the snow

Cars, like all machines, are not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Batteries die, tire tread
wears, and, ultimately, engines fail. The risk of failure is even more increased during the winter
months with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures being the norm. You can protect yourself,
however, by creating a survival kit to store in your car so that you have necessities if, and when,
you are stranded without a working vehicle.

Here are some of the winter essentials for your car:

Ice Scraper: This is essential if your car is left outside, especially overnight. This helps get snow
and frost off your windshields and windows, which can obstruct your view.

Portable Cell Phone Battery: In this day and age, we rely on our cell phones for almost
everything including safety and navigation. The last thing you want is to be stranded in a
blizzard with a dead cell phone.

Water Bottles and Snacks: Water and snacks such as granola bars, trail mix, etc. are an
essential part of any travel survival kit.

First Aid Kit: Always have band-aids, creams, swabs, etc. handy, especially for extreme
temperatures in the event injuries and an inability to get immediate medical help.

Flashlight: This may assist you should you become stranded in the evening and overnight hours.

Jumper Cables and an Emergency Escape Tool: One of the most important things to carry are
jumper cables and an emergency escape tool. If you have jumper cables, there is a higher
likelihood that another working car can help jumpstart your car if your battery is dead. Having an
emergency escape tool is important in the event that you get stuck in snow and cannot open your
car door. You can use this tool to break through a window or pry open an exit so that you can get
to safety.

Other Materials: Road flares and/or matches, blankets, spare clothes (warm ones), and a
sleeping bag for extreme circumstances.


These are just a few of the winter essentials for your car. Vehicle injuries can happen, especially if you are not fully prepared for winter driving. Contact Nelson Personal Injury in case of an injury for a free consultation.

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