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Wrongful Drowning Deaths Due to Foam at Falls Park in Sioux Falls

Wrongful Drowning Deaths Due to Foam at Falls Park in Sioux Falls

Recently, officials from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, have approved funding to deal with the foam issues at Falls Park. There have been three drownings within the last five years. The foam was a primary contributor to the most recent death and lawsuit filed from a mother of a young girl who fell into the water. The two others who died resulted from attempting to help save a boy who also fell into the water. A $1.7 million funding package was approved by city officials including $300,000 to install two viewing platforms with railed walkways around the Falls Park.

Both of the incidents which caused these deaths occurred in the spring, which is the most frequent time for the foam levels. This foam was deceiving to where the location of the rock and falls began, especially in 5-year-old Maggie Zaiger’s case. This past March, her and her mother were at Falls Park together and saw the large pile of foam that had gathered near the pedestrian bridge. Maggie reached to touch the bubbles and fell in. An emergency team was called, but it was too late. This situation was also similar to the 2013 double drowning since the boy who had fallen was too close to the foam.

The reasoning behind the rising of foam in the spring is because of the increase of water levels and roaring falls. This creates 20-foot high piles of foam that build up on certain areas of the park. This foam also tends to extend on the areas that surround the falls which people usually are able to walk on.

The foam often brings in some visitors, including children, to come look at heaps of bubbles alongside the falls. Unfortunately people forget the possible dangers, which is why the city is moving forward with the changes to Falls Park near the pedestrian bridge.

The approved funding package is expected to start with the installment of the new safety features in 2019.

The lawsuit filed from the case says the city knew about the dangers of the levels of the foam, but didn’t act.

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