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“For more than 40 years, our attorneys have been fighting for the rights of our clients. We have taken on the large insurance companies and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for accident victims.”

Buffalo Car Accident Attorney If you or someone in your family has been injured in a Buffalo car accident, you may have options to recover compensation from the at-fault party.

Some accident victims fail to seek legal recourse believing filing a personal injury claim and hiring representation is too expensive. However, this is not the case when you contact our legal team at Nelson Personal Injury, LLC.

We can review the facts of your car accident case and provide comprehensive legal services to help you recover the compensation you deserve. We offer these services at no upfront cost, and our law firm is only paid if your claim is successful.

Types of Car Accident Claims We Can Help You File in Buffalo

The cause of the accident and your injuries determine the type of claim we will pursue on your behalf.

We thoroughly investigated the car accident to determine who was at fault and the type of claim you should file.

Negligent Driver Claims

Most car accident cases we represent occur because of a negligent driver. If another motorist caused the accident you were involved in, you have the right to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation from the driver or their insurance company.

To recover compensation, we will work to prove that the other driver acted negligently, which caused your accident, injuries, and property damage.

Manufacturer Error Claims

In some situations, defective parts can cause an accident and injuries.

The part may be in your vehicle or another motorist’s car. If this occurs, you may be eligible to file a claim against the manufacturer for the faulty part.

Common examples of defective parts include airbags, brakes, seat belts, and others.

We will review your case and situation to determine if a faulty part was the cause of your accident. Our legal team will gather evidence to seek a settlement from the at-fault party.

Road Condition Claims

The state of Minnesota has a large budget to ensure proper and ongoing roadway upkeep and maintenance to minimize dangerous conditions and reduce the possibility of accidents.

Unfortunately, issues still arise. Situations like improper signage, the failure to clear ice and snow off the road, and inadequately maintained roads may mean you are not to blame for the accident you are involved in.

The attorney you hire could help you recover compensation from the municipality or state if road conditions cause your accident.

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Determining Fault in Buffalo Car Accidents

Minnesota is a no-fault state. If you are involved in a car accident, you must seek compensation from your insurance company, no matter who is at fault.

However, many car accident victims experience more serious injuries and extensive property damage, meaning their losses may exceed the limits of their no-fault auto insurance coverage.

In these situations, our legal team can help you seek compensation from the at-fault driver and their insurance company.

Our Legal Team Is Here to Help with Your Buffalo Personal Injury Case

After a car accident, it is not unusual to feel confused and unsure of what to do. If you have been injured, this complicates an already difficult situation.

At Nelson Personal Injury, LLC, we are here to help with your Buffalo car accident case. Our attorneys have years of experience representing victims and helping them recover the compensation they are entitled to.

The first step is to contact our office and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We will discuss your case and create a strategy for an accident claim. We are here to help with your Buffalo car accident case.

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