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Who Is Liable In A Boating Accident?

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Boating is a major part of most Minnesotans yearly plans. Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesotans have a lot of boats, and as the weather warms up, they will flock to bodies of water to use them. It’s important to know who is liable in the event that an accident happens on the water. Additionally, it’s important to understand how insurance affects who pays for damages and injuries on the water this summer.

Boating Injuries And Damage

Boating personal injury claims tend to evoke a picture of a typical speed boat or fishing boat crashing into something. While these are the large majority of boating accidents that happen from day-to-day. But, boating accidents and insurance can cover everything from a small dinghy to cruise ship accidents. While Minnesota doesn’t have many cruise ships, and boat tours or large boat tours fall under this umbrella. Injuries that can be sustained on the water range from small to deadly. These injuries can be caused by speeding, reckless driving, or any number of violations. Make sure you have proper representation with Nelson Personal Injury. 

Who Is Liable?

Under Minnesota law, the captain of the boat is liable for an injury that occurs while they are driving the boat. This could be running into another boat (which gets more complicated) injuries from reckless boating, speeding, or accidents from recreational watersports. A large percentage of boating accidents in Minnesota involve one or more parties that have consumed alcohol. This is illegal and puts the injured parties in a good situation when looking to pursue a personal injury suit against the intoxicated driver. 

Work With Nelson Personal Injury

At Nelson Personal Injury, we have been helping clients with boating accident personal injury claims for over 30 years. We know what to watch out for. And, we know the best way to make sure that you recover the compensation that you deserve. For professional personal injury lawyers that give you the time and energy you deserve, contact Nelson Personal Injury on our website

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