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“For more than 40 years, our attorneys have been fighting for the rights of our clients. We have taken on the large insurance companies and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for accident victims.”

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“For more than 30 years, the attorneys at Nelson Personal Injury have been representing clients throughout the Redwood Falls area and the state of Minnesota who have suffered a serious personal injury, the wrongful death of a loved one, or were victims of medical malpractice.

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Your Trusted Redwood Falls Slip And Fall Attorneys

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Have Confidence That You are Choosing An Experienced Slip And Fall Attorney

Premises liability claims come in many shapes and forms, the most common of which are slip and falls and trip and falls. If you or a loved one has recently been injured as a result of a negligent condition on someone’s property, you may have what is called a premises liability claim, and you may be entitled to recover certain damages from the insurance company of the property owner or other party who was at fault for causing the injury.

If you’ve been injured in slip and fall, trip and fall or other premises liability claim, our attorneys are here to help. We know that you will have many questions about your rights and the claim process, and we always take the time to explain the process and your rights to you. Complete the form below, or call us today to see how we can help you. All consultations with our experienced accident attorneys are free and there is no obligation.

For experienced slip and fall attorneys in the Redwood Falls area that will fight for you, contact Nelson Personal Injury today.

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