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A graphic from Nelson Personal Injury, LLC about the statistics of motor vehicle accidents in Minnesota in 2018: the majority of accidents involve passenger vehicles in 2018.

Accidents By Vehicle 2018

In 2018, Minnesota recorded 381 traffic fatalities, a 6% increase from 2017, according to a report by the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety. While traffic

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Image of a vehicle with text explaining how no-fault accident claims in Minnesota work.

How Do No-Fault Claims Work?

16 States require no-fault insurance for car owners, and nearly half of all states have no-fault insurance as an option. With so many no-fault policies

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A group of trick-or-treaters getting candy from a local neighbor.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween season is always accompanied by fanfare and activities like dressing up in costumes, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses. While having fun is the

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A biker resting on a long country road.

Bicycle Safety

Biking is a popular outdoor activity that promotes health benefits, eco-friendly transportation, and appreciation for nature. However, when combined with busy roads and heavy traffic,

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Traffic cones marking where a construction zone is located.

Car Crash in Construction Zones

As the common expression goes, Minnesota has two seasons: winter and construction season. While construction helps repair potholes, creates more highway space, and offers drivers

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A person reaches a hand towards a nervous dog, making excellent conditions for a dog bit personal injury claim.

Dog Bite Prevention

As summertime continues, people will include their dogs in outdoor activities. Every year, more than 4.5 million people in the U.S are bitten by a

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A woman driving a car as the sun shines in her hair.

Driving Safely with Sunlight Glare

Summer is a wonderful season — warm weather, longer days, and all around more sunlight. Unfortunately, however, driving in direct sunlight can cause automobile accidents.

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